Hey!! Thanks for visiting my virtual home! That’s me with my two kiddos that you see, I am Heather…they self proclaimed comedian (I am really the worst). I am new to the thirty something age range among other things and can’t help but feel like this must be some sort of cruel joke!

I have been a mother for more than 6 years now (WHAT?!) to that handsome stud muffin of a kid in the white sun glasses. His name is Kolin, with a K, and oh my has he taught me so much about life and love. And that cutie in the pink hat is Dakota Rose she is newer to the fam at about a year and a half old these days…my dear sweet devil daughter. You know how they tell you that you reap what you sow, well I can now 100% say that yes that is in fact true. I was not the best child growing up or the best teen or twenty something, okay I was never the best. But God bless my mother if I was like this beautiful child to her than I will spend the rest of my days apologizing!

As you can tell I tend to be sarcastic but honest in my writing as I am in life so if you enjoy a good reality check with a twist…I am your girl!

Besides being a mother full time, I also work full time running work programs for young adults in a neighboring community of mine, one that I myself grew up in. I have attempted all my life to leave this place and while a few years ago I got the opportunity to live somewhere slightly different, I have not yet had the heart to pick up and leave completely. I am not from a small town, in fact there are over 100,000 people in this City I used to call home…but it is the biggest town, smallest city around. I can’t walk down the streets of downtown without someone calling my name or stopping me for a hug. In my younger years, I shied away from everyone knowing who I was but now I love it! You have to embrace it right!

I am a creative soul, always thinking about doing something different. I don’t do well in the same place for very long or in the same thought for very long. I can’t paint, even though every other one of the ladies in my family got the gift (no really like every single one you should see their paintings on MY wall!!) and as much as I would love to think I could win The Voice one day, that is NOT going to happen…especially if you ask my 6 year old, bless his honest little soul. I am okay with taking photogs, and getting better the more victims, I mean volunteers, I can grab to model for me but what I am best at is writing. Whether I am writing a dirty little novella for e-release or working on a longer novel, I love to tell a story and create worlds that make people feel like they are a million miles away.

I LOVE hearing from others so please drop me a line sometime! I know I can’t be the only one with hilarious stories to tell and I want to thank you in advance from the bottom of my huge over-filled grinchy heart for being here with me…you will never know how much it means to have you home with me!