Y’all I opened up my second novel on my computer this morning that I have been in process of writing for quite a long time and realized that it had been Eight months since I opened it.


Twenty something me would have been all over my own crap, making myself feel bad for having waited so long to get back into something that “I Love”. I would have told myself I didn’t really love it, I must not really love it because if I did I would have been writing that everyday. Twenty something me was inpatient and focused on speed rather than stamina.

Twenty something me was wrong.

Here I am now, Thirty something and completely fine with the fact that I haven’t touched my newest story in 240 days and do you want to know why. Because I now understand that to be creative, to create a world that isn’t real but has to be fierce enough to allow others to live in it even if only for a short time, you need to have the PASSION to build and believe yourself.

Creativity may be something we have inside of us all the time, but how we use it and what we do with it comes and goes and that is okay! A painter probably doesn’t spend all day, every day painting. A model probably doesn’t spend all day, every day posing for photos and a writer doesn’t spend all day every day writing. But every single one of us continues on, building passion and belief in our own reality and dreams.

Novel number two I am coming for you!


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