What do I do now?!

This past weekend I was presented with this rare opportunity, a sort of once in a lifetime type opportunity. Something I had sort of dreamed about a time or two but nothing that I ever thought possible.

This weekend I was left at home. ALONE.

If you have children and you are a mother you understand this unicorn of an opportunity. As I waved goodbye to my babes who were happily going fishing with Jimmy for the afternoon, the reality of being actually alone set in.

Want to know what ran through my head??

  1. WOO HOO! OMG what am I going to do, there are so many possibilities! I could watch make up videos, do my nails or my toes or both, I could eat chocolate in the open WHAT?!
  2. About three minutes went by and I did none of those things. I began to think you know what I could get some laundry done, or clean up the toys that never stay clean because someone’s little hands are always in them, maybe organize the kids clothes drawers because birthdays and back to school are coming up.
  3. Then I sat in my favorite chair (after not organizing a thing) and thought maybe I will just relax and watch a lifetime movie without anyone giving me motion sickness by rocking my favorite chair back and forth over and over again and without whiny complaints coming from the always present peanut gallery about how gross it is to see people kiss each other.
  4. I got up a few minutes later after deciding that TV was not what I wanted to do. Nope, it was beautiful outside maybe I could throw on my running clothes and go exercise. Like actually exercise, not run after a tiny human being as they are giggling at you but really get in a good workout for the first time in…I can’t even remember when.
  5. I scratched that idea pretty quickly and thought maybe I can go work in my office without it being the middle of the night. I can upload some of my photos from my camera, throw them through an editor and calmly work on getting out some prints without being utterly exhausted.

Needless to say I did none of those things. Instead I grabbed some drinks and my camp chair and headed down to the river where the kids were fishing with Jimmy. After all that wishing I could be alone, all I could do was wish I wasn’t.

I guess what they say is true, be thankful for what you have because you will miss it when it is gone.


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