Hey Mom, Look at Me!

It’s Thursday. My life at home and at work have been on a crash course lately and I have barely had time to figure out what to wear every day. So here I am on a Thursday before I have an almost unprecedented 5 days off in a row…WHAT?! Exactly what I need BTW.

So this morning as I am driving 65 down the highway, sipping my coffee and pretty excited about all of the things I could possibly do in 5 days my son says “Hey Mom, Look at me.” Then he says it over and over and over again until finally I proclaim, “Dude, I am driving, how am I supposed to look at you.”

It got me thinking…what is it that kids think we are doing when we are behind the wheel in rush hour traffic driving at a high rate of speed? Do they think we have set up some sort of robotic driving device in which we don’t actually have to watch the road? Do they think the car decides how fast it should go based on traffic instead of us pushing the gas and break?

What are they doing all the time that I NEED to look at them constantly. Like oh hey look at you doing a total normal every day thing.

Anyways, I never turned around because the typical “look at me” is nothing out of the ordinary so he went on in this fashion…

Mom, I am in a coffin.

Mom, why is there not a coffin in my room?

Mom, I want to sleep in a coffin…imagine how warm and comfy it must be.

Mom. Mom. Mom.

Needless to say I immediately got off the highway, taking his strange constantly more morbid conversation as an omen of doom to come if I continued down this path.

Perhaps I will spend my 5 days building my 6 year old son a coffin LOLOL. Only to hear in the middle of the night another rendition of “Hey Mom Look at me here in my coffin.”


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