Artist Life

I went painting again this past weekend and if you have read some of my other posts you know that I have become OBSESSED with painting! This past weekend I did “Dawn over Fuji” Here is my in progress shot:


I was actually quite impressed with how much it resembled a real mountain! But while I was there my cousin got white paint all down the back of my favorite pair of jeans (no not mom jeans either LOL) and when I attempted to take it off it was a no go. My response was “Oh well, living that artist life.”

And I have been thinking about that statement ever since. Now, am I an artist…absolutely not! I have always been better with words than pictures. But here I am, thirty something and not only trying something new but also doing pretty well with it. My artist life statement has had me wondering if the labels we place on our selves are premeditated.

Maybe 20 something me would have laughed at the thought of 30 something me being even remotely artistic but shame on her because here I am doing pretty well with pictures. How many times have I done this to myself, short changed an opportunity because a younger version of myself mocked the thought of it. How many times have you done this to yourself??

From now on I will be labeling less and experiencing more…will you do the same?


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