Happy Places

Let me begin by saying I am happy in this photo LOL, however, the beach weather was less than ideal and while atop the wall my feet were almost blue from the cold.

You know in the movie Moana when she starts signing about the water and how she can’t stop thinking about it no matter how hard she tries…It Calls Her. Well if you are anywhere near my home on a regular basis you would hear that it calls me also! We karaoke to Moana music almost daily but anyways…

This weekend I had the chance to take my little people to a light house for the first time and as my 1 year old daughter threw her hands in the air and screamed “Beach, WAWA, YAY!!!” I realized that happy places are not something that we choose, they are a place inside of us that calls to us from the very beginning of life.

The beach, the breaking of the waves and uncontrollable flow of the water, the spray from the rocks and the sea life have always made me feel more at peace and no matter how bad of a time I am having, I find it impossible to not be happy at the beach.

So when the voice inside calls you…where do you go??


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