Only Love can do That

I have written about a thousand words ten different ways and erased them every time.

Today I do not wish to get into a political argument or tussle about religion and beliefs.

Today I do not wish to complain or get angry.

Today I do not intend to use hateful words or spread propaganda.

Today  I intend to focus on positivity, love and kindness.

For the next 22 days I intend to perform 22 random acts of kindness, one a day. And I am writing today to ask you to join me, if a few of us are kind and a few more pick it up perhaps we can take over news feeds with POSITIVE messages. Love and kindness won’t over shadow the hate and sadness we are bombarded with everyday but perhaps it could begin to shift our inner perceptions.

22 Days of random acts of Kindness starts today with all the people I looked  in the eye and smiled at while on my lunch time walk. What will you do??

#22days #22actsofkindness



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