The Storm

Happy Late Mother’s Day BTW…I know it’s Tuesday but I mean better late than never right?! I tell myself that every day when I run into work 5-7 minutes late on the constant…

Any who, I am that mom that likes to go to activities on mothers day as a sort of celebration for the kiddos since they are the reason I get to wear the “MOM” name badge 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. However, we live in the Northeast, a beautiful place in which you can experience all 4 seasons in one day and we have been oh so fortunate (not at all fortunate) to be stuck in this rain cycle in which it rains every day for like the past 3 weeks.

Well Mother’s Day rolled around and there it was again rain. My hope for our Zoo trip quickly sizzled. So as my fam and I made some deliveries of flowers and hand made soaps I decided that the rain would not get us down…to the coast we went!  That picture up there was just one of many I captured that day. The storm had caused the water to be at an unusually high level, making the beach impassable. It was quite cold and the wind whipped as if it had a purpose. And all you could hear were screams…of my 2 delighted children.

Every time a wave slammed the wall and squirted salty water at us in the 40 degree temperatures they yelled and jumped and went on and on with fierce and fiery excitement. This storm MADE their day and as I sat there taking pictures and laughing with them, cheering as they threw rocks into the surf and tried to run down between waves to grab more I realized that had this storm not pulled us here, we would not be having “the most fun ever” according to the 6 year old.

This really got me wondering how much the storm inside of us pushes and pulls our every day. I have been quite stormy lately myself, often I sit up at night wishing that the waves disrupting my happiness would suppress themselves. I haven’t done that since Mother’s Day. The storm I watched my children enjoy, the one that cast a salty sheen in my hair, that provided puddles to jump in, that moved rocks into happier homes, that played a game with on lookers…that storm made me realize that days with unsettled conditions are days in which we change.

We need the storm inside. I won’t wish any longer for it to go away. I will embrace it and learn to dance in my inner rain, as I hope you all will as well.


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