5 Momming Realities

Ladies, real talk…sometimes I lay awake at night and think, “was today real,” “did I imagine that,” and a million other “OMG this can’t be real life” thoughts. Before children, life was relatively simple and routine and now I feel like I am a part of a circus that is NOT under my control. Here are 5 things that I have come to terms with as Mom Truths.

  1. There is so much Pee! Never did I envision a Friday evening in which I would be scrubbing pee off the bathroom floor because “It’s hard to control sometimes.” Nope. I raised my son relatively alone for the years in which he learned to use the bathroom and not for nothing but I pee quite differently than he does. I don’t know how many other moms out there struggled with the “How to Hold Your Winkie” Lesson but I definitely did and now for years I have paid the price. And I won’t even mention the diapers from the daughter but again SO. MUCH. PEE.
  2. We speak strictly to Hear Our Own Beautiful Voices. I mean obviously right?! Because why else would you have to ask a person to change 8 times before they even look your way. And why would you bother telling your small child not to climb on the table when they are obviously planning to ignore the words you think you are saying and climb on the table anyways. Why would you ask 3 zillion times for shoes to be put on or jackets to be put on, laundry to be put away, TV to be turned off, to sit in one spot for all of dinner. It is OBVIOUSLY because we enjoy listening to ourselves, because NO ONE else does!
  3. Personal Time Comes at a Price. I wake up almost every morning absolutely exhausted because I have to stay up so late to do even 5 minutes of something I want to do, like write this blog! I also enjoy painting and going out to the local paint bar to get some instructional assistance because while I like it, I am not very good at it! But of course no one will go to bed without me. Of course. So at 10:30pm after a few hours of painting and the only outside of the house activity that I do alone, I come home to ZOMBIE children that just NEED their mother to be home before they can go to bed. Which then means they are EXHAUSTED the next day and whiny and I mean you know how it spirals. Is it worth it?? I have yet to answer that question!
  4. The Bathroom is not a Sacred Zone. I don’t think that 20 something me, without children ever really considered how awesome it was to just be in the bathroom, alone. They say you don’t know what you had until you have lost it and I can now say that is completely true! Gone are the days in which baths with lavender beads and salts happened. Gone are the days in which you could take your time, shave, put on make-up, scroll thru your phone. Gone are the days that you can pee without someone entering, someone knocking down the door, someone asking for advice or help. Because yes I can help you while I am peeing, I mean of course right! I can change the channel for you from the bathroom, MAGIC!
  5. Children break your Heart. We have all suffered from a broken heart once of twice in our lives. But hearts are different after you have children. They are walking around with pieces or wholes of your heart in the world, this world where terrible things happen every day. This world that tries to break them and break you. Every night you fight thru the bad and try so hard to be strong for your babies. But every once in a while they say something that breaks your heart…”Can’t we be together forever?” “I miss my Dad,” “I wish…”

And then you sit there broken hearted, hoarse from speaking with no one hearing you, wishing you could have washed your hair, wondering how much pee is on the floor and thinking about life, and how life just would not be the same had you not chosen to be a Mother.


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