Another Year Deeper

Facebook has this way of making us thankful and remorseful at the same time. I am not sure that we should constantly be reminded of what we were doing on this day every year from when we joined Facebook until now.

This weekend I dove another year deeper into the 30 something world and I was reminded that on that day 7 years ago I was in a club dress with higher heels than I could manage now, bleach blonde hair and it was like WAY PAST MY 30 something bed time.

I was reminded that I use to celebrate with elaborate parties, sparkly dress wear, shots at the bar and blow up aliens…yes seriously ask around. And as I looked at all of those reminders I couldn’t help but wonder who that person was and how much of her was left.

As I popped bottles this year, water bottles that is, with my children and family while we sat with butterflies and ate reasonable meals I couldn’t help but ponder that what they say about wine must apply to people as well…from what I can tell we all get just a little better with age.


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