Do We Really Do as We Say and Say as We Do…

Picture this…

It is 5 minutes before 6:00pm and you are ANXIOUSLY sitting in your chosen seat waiting on your family to arrive. As you tie on your apron you look down at the colors set out for you on your tray, your blank white canvas and a number of paint brushes that you will use as your tools.

You begin to panic. Sweat is running down your back, you can feel the flush coming out in your cheeks, your head is hurting and you aren’t sure if this was a good idea.

Paint Night is about to begin at the local Paint Bar and you are literally freaking out because what 30 something doesn’t panic attack at the thought of painting a real live picture for the first time in her life (RIGHT?!)

I am CONSTANTLY telling my kiddos to try new things, to experiment, to eat the funny looking fruit, to make new friends, etc and yet there I was unraveling at the thought of trying something new. I like to believe that I “practice what I preach” but last night (while I was painting that beautiful photo up there) I realized that perhaps I don’t really do as I say.

Now I look at my painting that I PROUDLY hung up in my kitchen as a reminder that I need to do more, get out more, be more adventurous. That when I tell my children you can do it, they know that I am saying it because I have done it.

At the conclusion of the extremely stressful “fun” night out I had last night I couldn’t help but think to myself, why did I let this get in my head so much? And how many more trips to the Paint Bar would it take before I was cured? 😉



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