Dear Woman, Whomever You May Be

To you,

The woman who has worked hard all her life and heard that no amount of hard work will make her equal.

The woman who has studied hard, made her learning important but told she will never be as smart as others.

The woman who multi-tasks, who works and takes care of children and the home but is told isn’t as important.

The woman who always has to call out sick when her children are under the weather because she has been made to believe her job isn’t as important as her counterpart.

The woman who wakes up earlier than the rest of the house to make everyone’s lunch because some ancient part of society has instilled the belief that you are the only creature capable of making a sandwich.

To you, I ask you to STOP. READ. LISTEN.

You are amazing! You work hard enough. You are smart enough. You multi-task because you have the ability to manage more than one thing at a time. You CARE with all of your heart and you are CAPABLE.

The people who tell us, tell you that you aren’t something are the people that are lacking something themselves. I work in an environment run by women and I KNOW that man or woman makes no difference in this day to day reality. What matters is EFFORT and KNOWLEDGE and EMPATHY.What matters at the end of the day is that you were the BEST version of yourself for YOURSELF.

So today I ask you to stop and believe, really believe in yourself.

Stop. Will you make it? YES YOU WILL and you WILL KILL IT!



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