Sunday Smoothies

I don’t always get out as much as I should, I know this because the reality of pulling into Trader Joe’s yesterday finally after planning to go for over a month had excited me more than the prospect of getting to sleep in one day out of the three day weekend (and by sleep in I obviously mean passed 6am).

Any who…with my mini me in the drivers seat of the cart I headed right for the fresh fruits and veggies. We happily shopped around, tried some warm mac n cheese samples and by the time we had reached the isle before the wine my lovely daughter had gnawed a whole through the box holding her smashed applesauce packets as I unknowingly browsed the dried fruits. It was then out of the corner of my eye I saw a happy go lucky employee approaching. Naturally I assumed she was there to ask me to please not let the little person chew holes in the merchandise but to my surprise she asked me if i wanted to pull a raffle ticket to possibly win a prize.

UMMM what win a PRIZE…well yes, yes I would! In my twenty somethings I would have been over the moon excited about a free drink at the bar or my jam coming from the DJ at the dance club but now as a thirty something mom of two I literally couldn’t have been more excited about pulling a ticket…or could I…

I mean I obviously won the grand prize which at Trader Joe’s is a reusable bag full of free food with a balloon!! (Dakota girl was so excited about the balloon that I was able to get the box she chewed apart away from her finally!!) For someone who doesn’t win anything and is trying desperately to get out of the “Holiday Eating” phase of the year this could not have come at a better time!

My original trip had been to hunt out some goodies for smoothies. I had recently gone to a large chain supermarket and noticed that they were selling frozen fruits and veggies as a way to make smoothies. As an extremely picky and obnoxious eater these appealed to me but only in the light bulb (idea) kind of way….why can’t I search out my own raw ingredients and create instant smoothie packs!!

And boom! My Sunday meal prep became a little more successful with the the addition of these completely functional and personalize-able portion packs of fruit to throw in the freezer!


So I made these babies with pineapple, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries…I was feeling the color of the berries while shopping. These perfect portion bags allow you to create 8 ounce smoothies with amazing consistency every time.

You fill up a packet with your favorite fruits and veggies to about 3/4 cups or a little higher and pop it in the freezer. When you want a smoothie simply take it out of the freezer and dump the frozen goods in the blender, then add 3/4 cup juice (which you can measure right in the portion pouch…see how genius I was there!!)  and blend away!!

End result is an AMAZING homemade smoothie that you can tell your friends about! In this world with pre-made everything I can’t help but wonder what else can we take and make our own?



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