Friday Finds- 1st Edition

I am not a morning person, and have never been a morning person. Thirty something or not, mornings are not for me! So this lovely Friday morning, I am introducing a new weekly post called Friday Finds where I will feature something that I have found that makes life just a little bit better. This week a product that makes mornings a little better for me…

Introducing my go to face on the weekdays:

COVERGIRL Smoothers Lightweight BB Cream

That lovely picture of me up top where it looks like I might not be the most tired individual on the face of this planet is thanks to Covergirl and their AMAZING BB Cream. For months before I found this I was walking into work with just eyeliner and mascara (YIKES!). Most days I am lucky to shower before getting every one else ready so to put on make-up was pretty out of the question.

I have been struggling lately with super dry skin in this winter weather and the extra dryness from my pellet stove so my face is in a constant cactus type state. And the need for sunscreen even in the winter months is important to me as I am a skin cancer survivor who understand the constant NEED for sunscreen now that I have learned from my twenty something years.

The BB Cream was like a miracle product for me, SO quick to put on and has built in sunscreen, moisturizer  and a tint to smooth out my complexion. It literally takes me about 45 seconds to cover my whole face and I leave the house feeling beautiful and protected.

This cream has become my go to product and in the weeks to come I will feature many more things that WOW me…in this fast paced world I find myself wondering with products so simple is it me that makes it complicated?


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