A Mother’s Hump Day

Oh Wednesdays…I can’t typically spell you correctly the first time (in fact spell check just fixed you for me) and I can’t say whether I really enjoy you or not. On one hand you offer the hope at an impending weekend but on the other hand we have to get thru you to really get there. As they say, over that hump.

Prior to my thirties and #momming two children I would have embraced Wednesday mornings with VERY clean hair, high heels and a large can of sugar free red bull that I probably would have begun drinking the night before. ( I know you are thinking that I was the poster child for health and I would absolutely have to agree with you!) I probably would have have been up until 1 or 2am and been up bright eyed and ready to rock out Wednesday by 6am. And then after working a full day I would have gone out or been social or had people over or hung with my roomies until all hours and woke up and started again.

And yet here I sit, thirty something with two children at 4pm and I actually almost wanted to nap just writing the previous paragraph. Now I pray that my dry shampoo will work for the second day in a row when I wake up 40 mins late on a Wednesday morning because my adorable daughter ran around like a tyrant until midnight while I tried not to doze off after 9:30. Now I hope that the small people won’t wake up until I have brushed my teeth and changed so that I can have some peace…although not too much because I am prone to napping now ( I am sure a side effect of thirty something). I physically run around all morning to get together outfits and lunches and bags and start the car because I was too tired to actually get up in enough time to get those things accomplished. Now on Wednesday I dread the thought of there STILL being the entire day and two more before the weekend.

So instead of my red bull, I reach for pre-made ice coffee, Mocha flavor because that is what the store down the street from me has. I pour it in my to go cup as if I made it myself and NEVER forget it because it keeps me awake on the drive to drop my son off, my daughter off and finally to work! Wednesdays…

…this particular Wednesday though has me wishing for a do over. Picture this, the kids and I are rocking out to some country music as I drop my son off and hop back in the car with my daughter who is happily drinking her lactose free milk in the back seat (that costs almost 6 dollars a gallon!!! But that is another topic). And then as I am still about 15 minutes out from dropping her off, I hear this terrible sound…

Was it a bird, a plane…nope it was yet another morning in which she couldn’t manage to hold down her milk. She had done it again, on the first day this week I had a CHANCE at being on time…that beauty threw up all over everything in my back seat. With no where to pull over and no other option, I threw the windows down and let the 30 degree air flow as I desperately called my aunt for help.

You see, us Mothers are supposed to be good with puke right? They say that once you have children you get used to being peed on, pooped on and thrown up on. Well NOT THIS MOMMA! I literally just can’t with throw up, especially the kind that smells like my delicious save me from Wednesday ice coffee that I now can’t drink because it reminds me of the smell of her vomit(sigh).

I am on the phone being dramatic per usual while my aunt readies cleaning supplies to help me because she knows I just can’t with this stuff and she says “that poor baby”.

My super motherly response was, “what do you mean the baby, what about me?! I am not going to make it!”

All before 8:00am ladies and gents, amazing right…twenty something me would NEVER have imagined that this was how a morning would go ten years down the line.

As I sit here and reflect, knowing full well I will never be that mom who can deal with the mess I find myself wondering will I at least ever be the mom that makes it thru Wednesday? What happens if we don’t get over the hump?


2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Hump Day

  1. alinabarac says:

    I hated this Wednesday. My LO was ill and couldn’t breath properly so she only slept in my arms on an upright position. Obviously I did not get any sleep. At 6am my alarm went off. Not that I needed one this morning. Work was waiting for me. Such a nightmare


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