Mom Jeans

That’s right ladies and gents…that right there is me in one of my SHINING moments as you can tell by the excitement on my face, I am having a wonderful day in this photo. As all Moms and Dads can relate the moment you throw a birthday party for your child in which you have his friends and their families attend for the first time is one that you won’t ever forget. Let’s go back to how we got here…

My son has ALWAYS been super shy and very loving. I was fortunate enough to have been able to spend a lot of time with him when he was an infant and up until he was about 2 years old. After that he spent most of his time with adults who spoke to him as if he was an adult…turning out a small boy with LARGE thoughts. When it was time for preschool I was POSITIVE that I would not survive him being scraped off my leg like an octopus, one sucker at a time. As I sat around the corner of his classroom and listened to him scream for “Mommy” I cried and as we all do, blamed myself for his visceral reaction.

“It will get better, he won’t be so upset all the time,” they told me. Who is they, oh you know, everyone! Anyways it didn’t get better and I found myself after two years of preschool standing with the guidance counselor, principal and teacher in the Elementary School where Kolin would be starting kindergarten. Except that he wouldn’t leave me…again. I begged him to calm down, told him that kids would remember this and he had walked in wanting to be the cool kid. I left that day wishing more than anything that Kolin would make some friends.

When he wasn’t getting better, I decided to reach out and plan a play date with Kolin and another boy from school…it was then that I realized that Kolin making new friends wasn’t just about Kolin it was about me too. But I have NO IDEA how to make new friends! The last time I made new friends was probably when I was 16 years old, no really! Here I am talking about how AWESOME it is to have new friends and inside I am saying “OMG no I can’t make new friends now!!”

It was at this point I gave myself the Mom of the Year Award (okay for the like 100th time but who is counting).

Kolin and I got through the play date with minimal crying, and Kolin was good too (HA!) and then it was birthday time, Ninja Turtle Birthday time obviously from my sweatshirt in that sweet picture above and I pushed him to invite some friends which he did! I was proud and happy to know that 4 new friends and their mothers would be attending Kolin’s 6th Birthday Party at my brand new (to me) house that was not put together yet. So very happy.

Then reality set in! I AM SO AWKWARD! So the morning of the birthday party I put on my Ninja Turtle sweatshirt complete with eye masks I might add and pulled on my #momjeans…ugh. I was so nervous of what the other mothers would think of me that I grabbed my loosest pair of jeans, the pair that made my butt look like a pancake, the pair that left sagging marks even in the front and set out in party mode.

All morning I kept thinking, I don’t want them to hate me and not let their son play with mine or I don’t want to be too provocative and make them think we aren’t good people because we so are! All I knew was that I didn’t want to ruin my son and his brand new friendships.

Besides my mom jeans, my bounding into conversations and over smiling really killed it…not! LOL as soon as the party guests left, my mother and aunt looked at me and were like who was that?!

It was as if my Mom Jeans took on a life of their own! They made me some crazy insane perfect person…the person I am not. It also very well could have made people hate me (they didn’t thank God!)

It left me wondering, how many of us have #momjeans and why do we feel the need to wear them? Aren’t we good enough on our own?


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